• International Development
  • Management & Finance
  • Public Policy
  • Campaign Finance & Ethics
  • Serving public asset managers worldwide

    At the World Bank, I work within a global program dedicated to delivering asset management and advisory services to public asset managers, known as the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP). Improving public asset management ultimately increases the resilience of countries. Our team helps central banks respond to economic shocks, sovereign wealth funds protect intergenerational wealth, and public pension funds ensure future payments.

    One of my passions is working for public institutions to solve national or global challenges. My career has evolved from election administration and the U.S. appropriations and legislative processes to international development finance, asset management, and ethics.

  • Creating change through collaboration

    At the World Bank Treasury, I led junior professional programs for their first three years into highly competitive, million-dollar talent pipelines. By developing procedures, policies, and programming and overseeing the recruitment, training, and hiring of 50-plus consultants, the results have been high retention and satisfaction, with positive DEI outcomes. The programs serve as an early-talent model for other parts of the World Bank.  

    As a leader, I aspire to demonstrate collective leadership and prefer creating coalitions to build lasting change. With my work, I bring a high degree of integrity and discretion in dealing with personnel, compensation, budget, and ethics issues. I am also honored to have the respect of my colleagues to represent nearly 1,000 colleagues as a competitively elected Staff Association Delegate from 2021 to 2023.

  • Serving the public through policy

    As a former senior congressional staff member, I helped build coalitions for legislation and appropriations amendments that promoted affordable housing, good government, transgender equality, fair tech, and social justice for Sikh and AAPI communities. I was the first lead congressional staff member for transgender equality, coordinating the work of the newly-created Transgender Equality Taskforce. I also worked administratively for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Arab Spring and the New START Treaty's ratification.

    As Senior Advisor to former U.S. Congressman Mike Honda (CA-17), I built and maintained stakeholder relationships, pitched and placed traditional media content, trained new staff, and regularly traveled to Silicon Valley. In this role, I supported the Congressman’s championing of justice for Sikh Americans and South Asians to wear pagris in the U.S. military and for giving voice to international victims of sexual violence, historically referred to as "comfort women." 

  • Strengthening our political process

    I also continue to study how to improve the political process in the United States. As a non-resident Network Fellow for the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University, I designed an original congressional ethics project to promote integrity in public service. Institutional corruption is when a systemic influence, currently legal or ethical, undermines the institution’s effectiveness by diverting its purpose, weakening its capacity, or eroding the public's trust.

    At Yale, I served as a John Kerry Fellow and developed a research project examining asset management by federal political action committees. At Georgetown, I launched Raise Voices Not Dollars® Super PAC, the first non-partisan super PAC to call attention to the nation's disclosure laws 40 years after Watergate. Today, I examine how public institutions can use asset management to promote democratic ends. 

Reflecting on the humanity of human capital

Celebrating development should not come at the expense of the people behind it.

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